“Back to the blessed old Bible, back to the light of His Word;
Be on our banners forever, ‘Holiness unto the Lord.'”
(Back to the Blessed Old Bible by D. O. Teasley)

“Publish glad tidings–tidings of peace! Tidings of Jesus, redemption and release.”
(O Zion, Haste by Mary A. Thompson)

The blessed old Bible, like the clear, shining light of the evening sun breaking through the clouds of a mid-day storm, illumines our pathway, dispelling the mists of confusion, error, and human-led religion!

Church of God Today is a website devoted to publishing the glad tidings of God’s Word. Our primary purpose is to offer lessons from the Bible, designed for individual or group use in Sunday School or Bible Study. We welcome you to visit and read, download, or print the lessons in the format you prefer.

Blog posts will also include inspirational and devotional articles, testimonies, stories about inspired spiritual songs, poems, etc., as God inspires.

Thank you for visiting. We earnestly pray you will find spiritual food and encouragement. If you are blessed, please let us know, and share this website with others. If you have prayer requests, questions or comments about the lessons, feel free to share those as well.

May the Holy Spirit guide us as we study and share His Word together.


  • To read, print or download the current quarterly or booklet, please click on Bible Lessons.
  • Individual Bible Lessons and quarterlies are posted, tagged and categorized on the blog.
  • Optimized viewing for smart phones and tablets – landscape mode.

Bible Lessons Booklets – outsource printing

2022 BL – 1st Quarter Booklet

  • Document specs: 8½” x 11″, landscape orientation, double-sided pages.
  • Click on the file name (eg. 2022 BL – 1st Quarter Booklet) to open document. Save as a PDF file. Copy the file to a flash drive or CD. Take the digital files (booklet and cover) to an outsource printer (eg. Kinkos, Office Depot, Staples), and request double-sided printing, folding and stapling.
  • (For home/office printers, you may need to select “flip on short edge” to print correctly.)
  • Bro. Kevin Sorrell, of Guthrie, Oklahoma, is now available to print and mail booklets to anyone who wishes to order from him, at a current cost of $1.50 each, plus shipping and handling. You may contact him by mail: Kevin Sorrell, 5722 S. Sooner Road, Guthrie, OK 73044 or by phone: (405) 414-8646.