About the Authors

Bible Lessons

Bro. Leslie Busbee began writing the Bible Lessons as an assistant to Sis. Marie Miles in 1981, continuing on as author of the Lessons after her death. Bro. Leslie and his wife, Sis. Sylvia began life and ministry together in 1960, serving as pastors in Anthony, KS, Springfield, MO, Bartlett, KS, Guthrie, OK, and Enid, OK. While in Guthrie, they were instrumental in starting the Path of Life School, and continued serving there in different ways until their move to Enid. In February, 2015, they relocated to be near their older daughter, Jeanne Eck, in Bartlett, KS, where Bro. Leslie passed away July 18, 2016. Bro. Leslie was preceded in death by two sons, and in addition to his wife, Sylvia, is survived by two daughters and one son, eighteen grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Sis. Angela Gellenbeck, along with her husband, Bro. Dan, ministers to the Junction City, Kentucky Church of God congregation. They have three children and six grandchildren. Bro. Dan works in construction and Sis. Angela is a homemaker. She is Bro. Leslie’s younger daughter, and as he began to experience declining health, the Lord lifted his burden for writing the Bible Lessons and gave a definite call to her to continue the work.


Bro. Bob Wilson and his wife, Sis. Leah, pastored the Jefferson, Oregon Church of God congregation for several years before moving to Enid, Oklahoma, where they have accepted the pastorate vacated by Bro. Leslie. They have six children and four grandsons. In earlier years, Bro. Bob served in the Faith Publishing House and the Path of Life School in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Bro. James Bell is pastor of the Sapulpa, Oklahoma Church of God, along with his wife, Sis. Tricia. They are also active in missionary endeavors in Mexico and the Church of God Spanish Publishing Mission. Bro. James serves as a chaplain to the local sheriff’s and police departments and both he and Sis. Tricia are involved in jail ministry. They have six children and eighteen grandchildren.

Sis. LaDawna Adams  ‘Where’er my Savior’s hand may lead whate’er my lot may be’. This seems to be the theme for Michael and LaDawna Adams as 2018 saw many changes for them. After almost twenty years of ministering to the congregation in Hayden, Alabama, the Lord saw fit to move them to Missouri to minister in a much different capacity. Bro. Michael and Sis. LaDawna are now caretakers of the National Monark Springs Campground in Neosho, Missouri.  Bro. Michael continues to work at a local car dealership as well. Sis. LaDawna keeps busy assisting with ministry, caregiving and various campground tasks. All of this combines to make a very fast paced, but happy, schedule for them both. They have four children and three grandsons.

Bro. Darrell Johnson was the pastor of the Church of God congregation in Balch Springs (Dallas), Texas for 30 years and has just recently relocated to Sacramento, California, where he now pastors.  He and his wife, Sis. Kim, have two children and two grandchildren. Bro. Darrell is also active in mission endeavors in India.

Bro Fari Matthews, along with his wife, Sis. Bonnie, has been ministering the last several years  in the Pacoima, California Church of God congregation under the pastor there, Bro. Paul Phillips. Bro. Fari has spent a lifetime in ministry serving where God has needed him: in song and music ministry, teaching Bible School,  Sunday School, and Bible Study, serving on multiple church boards the majority of the past twenty years, and as a pulpit minister since 2012. Bro. Fari is a software developer by trade, and his wife, Sis. Bonnie, works in the home, homeschooling their two children, Kimanae and Rilan, doing their best to pass on the values Bro. Fari cherishes from his childhood Christian education to the next generation.

Bro. Harlan Sorrell, caretaker of the Church of God campground at Myrtle, Missouri, gave his heart to the Lord at the tender age of 10 years, and has endeavored to follow in the Lord’s ways ever since. Having a deep love for the Evening Light Songs from his boyhood days, he began a tape recording ministry in 1976, the year after he graduated from high school. He has recorded many songs from the Evening Light Songs hymnal, as well as older and out-of-print songs previously published by the Gospel Trumpet Company. He also recorded the song services and preaching services at the Monark Springs and Myrtle camp meetings for several years. Bro. Harlan writes articles and poems on various Bible subjects as the Lord inspires his heart, and is the author of the book “The Eternal Security of Believers” featured on this website.