Because of extenuating circumstances, Sister Angela Gellenbeck, the author of the recent Bible Study Lessons, felt impressed to seek out help in writing the lessons for this quarter. After seeking an agreement of prayer, she felt impressed to call the wife of

Brother Clifford Cole and asked for a conference call with them. When she broached the subject, Brother Clifford’s response was, “Well, the Lord has been giving me a series of topics, but I didn’t know the purpose for them.” Those topics are found in this Sunday School quarterly.

Upon completion of the lessons, it was deemed best, with the input of Sister Angela and others, to make each lesson cover two Sundays. Therefore, the theme for this quarter, “A Series of Small Steps Can Lead Away from God,” will actually cover two quarters. Freedom is given to each Sunday School teacher on how to break up the discussion—whether to read the scriptures the first Sunday only or to read all the scriptures both Sundays. May the Lord give each one direction.

As events and life happenings have unfolded, we now see more fully why the Lord impressed Sister Angela to seek out temporary relief of the duties involved in writing these lessons. Before this quarter went to print, Sister Angela suffered what appears to have been a light stroke. Some abilities are returning to her, but please continue to pray for her and her husband Dan’s health, as well as for the strength of their family as they help them during this time.

—The Editorial Staff