There’s a chamber for those who are weary
There’s a rest for the faint by the way,
A retreat from the burdens so dreary
A relief from the heat of the day.

Wisely hath the good Master provided
For the ones who remember His name
That the journey His wisdom hath sighted
Be free from all cause of their shame.

He knows every grind of the spirit
The labor of sinew and heart,
And now on His throne He can hear it
That falls of His followers’ part.

So in His great plan He hath given
A chamber apart from the strife
Whose windows are open to Heaven
Receiving  the sunlight of life.

Here let me, when worn is my stepping
Retreat while the storm blows without,
Secure in His glorious keeping
From foes that are thronging about.

Sweet peace! Calm assurance forever
Is mine through the tangles of life;
Their clouds have no power to sever
His countenance beams through the strife.

—Leslie Busbee