Oh, beautiful–yet on thy hands are stains of helpless blood;

The blood of those who have no name, yet precious gifts of God!

America, America! thy murderous sin deplore!

Awake, repent, while there is time,

Choose LIFE forevermore!

Oh, beautiful–yet violence the halls of learning dim;

Where once God’s Word was taught, is not a mention made of Him!

America, America! Did anyone fore-see

What depth of sorrow, grief and loss

Would in thy classrooms be?

Oh, beautiful, where statesmen stood, “In God we trust” inscribed

Above their heads, now greed, deceit, and treachery abide!

America, America! where are thy patriots true?

Whose love for God and country reign,

And justice is in view!

Oh, beautiful, yet families are torn by sin and strife,

Where once a man and woman vowed togetherness for life!

America, America! thy safety and success

Cannot remain where marriage fails,

And homes are in distress!

Oh, beautiful, whose highest courts God’s mandates once upheld;

Yet in the name of tolerance thy conscience now is stilled!

America, America! how can thy peace remain

When vile affections scorn God’s plan

And purity is slain?

Oh, beautiful, when God was Lord across thy fruited plain,

His blessing–benefits afford, its absence–grief and pain.

America, America! cry out to God in prayer!

Tear down thy idols, flee from sin,

Once more His blessing share!

Angela G. Gellenbeck